Security First Insurance donated hundreds of computers to two local elementary schools in need of technology for student learning and mobile phones to survivors of domestic abuse.

In total, 117 Chromebooks, 90 Dell Computers, and 132 monitors were donated to Osceola Elementary School and Ormond Beach Elementary School. This equipment will help students learn in their classrooms and virtually.

"The nation went digital overnight and there was no time to plan for our new normal. For families without a computer, this new normal has been stressful because the lack of technology has kept their children from advancing academically. Security First's generous computer donation will give these children access to school learning platforms at home, such as digital libraries, iReady, and Waterford. This partnership is evidence that Security First Insurance Company cares deeply about our children and understands the achievement gaps caused by access and opportunity," said Shannon Hay, Ormond Beach Elementary.

“Osceola’s students, staff, and family are extremely grateful, and as their Leader, it is difficult to find words that adequately express my gratitude. Security First’s donation of computers will positively impact our school community and greatly help to fill a need that was present even prior to the pandemic. We have several academically centered computer programs that our students will be able to access, and these programs provide additional practice and learning.  Your donation comes at a time when we are all challenged, and I am sincerely thankful for Security First’s support,” said Lynn Bruner, Principal at Osceola Elementary.

Both principals agree that in addition to assisting students in need, the donations will help staff who are experiencing hardship as well.

Additionally, 100 mobile phones were provided to the Beacon Center to empower survivors of domestic abuse.

Recognizing the challenges that public schools and non-profit organizations are facing during this difficult time, Security First felt a responsibility to support the local community and give children and victims of domestic violence a better opportunity to thrive.

“Ormond Beach is our hometown, and it’s important to our entire family of employees that we do all we can to give back to our community, especially now when technology is playing a key role in educating our children and phones can be essential for helping survivors of domestic abuse rebuild their lives. I am very grateful that we are able to help our community,” said Security First’s President, Melissa Burt DeVriese.