Before anything else, preparation is the key to success. – Alexander Graham Bell

Hurricane season has arrived and we want to assure you that Security First Insurance Company is well prepared. We are located in one of the hardest hit areas by Hurricane Matthew in 2016. We are the 2nd largest homeowners insurance company in Florida and received more claims than any other company following Hurricane Matthew.  A lot was learned through that catastrophe and we are using these details to strategically plan for the 2017 season. We make a promise to our customers to be there for them, storm after storm, year after year. We are able to stand firm on that promise by maintaining financial strength and offering helpful resources such as a helpline before, during, and after the storm that our customers found extremely valuable.

Last week, our Emergency Operations Center, or EOC, conducted a mock catastrophe event. More than 100 employees participated by either playing the role of a “customer” reporting a loss or by assisting these “customers” in processing a claim.

Security First Insurance has experienced significant growth in employment this year, so this exercise was extremely beneficial to our new employees who were able to get a feel for what happens when we deploy our mobile recovery unit due to a catastrophic event. This also gave us an opportunity to make sure we have all the equipment needed and the proper work flows in place to ensure a seamless operation.

No gathering is complete without good eats! Participants were treated to lunch, hot off the grill. Security First Insurance is all about balancing work with fun and we are always looking for quality candidates to join our team. Plans are underway for our new headquarters in Ormond Beach, Florida. We are projecting to hire 253 more employees over the next 5 years. If you or someone you know is interested in joining the Security First family, visit our careers page for current positions available. Many of these positions offer on-the-job training and do not require prior insurance experience.