Sometimes it takes a few enhancements to transform your house into your dream home. A simple change, such as an attached aluminum screened enclosure or attached carport, can provide the extra features you need to get the most out of your home.

Anyone who has visited or moved to the Sunshine State may have noticed a unique feature Florida homes possess, attached aluminum screened enclosures. Sometimes referred to as “screened-in lanais” or “pool cages,” these attachments make your pool or porch more suitable for the Florida lifestyle.

If you’ve ever wondered about adding a screened enclosure to your home, but were unsure if the cost is worth the benefits, take a look at some of the advantages it can offer you:

  • Stops mosquitos and other insects from entering your area, making outdoor dining or lounging a bug-free affair.
  • Keeps palm tree and other plant debris out of the pool, making cleaning a far easier task.
  • Security: keeps neighbor children or unwanted guests out of your pool or living area.
  • Keeps larger animals such as birds, snakes, and alligators out.
  • Allows you to open the doors and windows in that section of your home without bugs getting in. Tweet This

Another improvement that could add value to your home is an attached carport. Any Florida homeowner who is looking to protect their car from the elements or add some extra storage space should explore adding a carport to your home.