Insurance Savings Tips

We believe in giving you coverage options that can help you save on your insurance.

Modify Your Roof Coverage

We offer a policy option for your roof coverage that can save you an average of 5%. Ask your agent about our Roof Surfaces Payment Schedule Endorsement when renewing your policy. This option revises your policy terms for covered damage to your roof that is specifically caused by Wind or Hail. This modification does not impact your policy’s loss settlement terms for losses caused by other covered perils. The loss settlement amount for this option is determined by several factors, including the roof's age and material.

Here are some examples of the impact on the loss settlement terms for a composite shingle roof that was damaged by Wind or Hail:

  • You’d receive up to 100% of the total cost to repair / replace your roof, if it’s less than 1 year old.
  • Up to 80% of the total cost to repair / replace your roof, if it’s 5 years old.
  • Up to 60% for a roof that’s 10 years old.

When it's time to replace your roof, you can utilize some of the money that you’ve saved on your insurance premium to help pay for your new roof! Don’t forget to contact us when you replace your roof so we can update the roof age and material on your policy.

Reduce Your Water Damage Coverage

By electing to reduce the coverage for water damage on your policy from Standard to Limited, you can save an average of 10%. Limited coverage provides a limit of $10,000 for covered losses caused by a sudden and accidental discharge or overflow of water. You also have the option of excluding coverage for water damage which could save you even more money! Please make sure you choose a coverage option that best fits your needs and budget.

Amend Your Personal Property (Coverage C)

You can save an average of 4% by changing your policy terms for covered losses to personal property from Replacement Cost to Actual Cash Value (ACV). This means that if you experience a covered loss to your personal items, they would be valued less than the cost of the same items brand new. The ACV of an item is more like the price you'd pay for a used item that has a depreciated value due to age, wear, and tear.

Increase Your Deductibles

You can save money on your policy by increasing your deductibles, which is the amount you agree to be responsible for paying if you experience a loss and file a claim. Always choose a deductible amount that you are financially comfortable with and matches your budget. There are many Hurricane and All Other Perils deductible options to choose from. Using All Other Perils as an example, increasing it to $5,000 on your insurance policy can save you an average of 10%.

More Savings and Discounts

We offer discounts that are based on the age of the policyholder, using paperless documentation, and the features of your home, rental, or condo.

How well is your home protected from high winds and high-speed projectiles? The better your home is protected, the more you can save! 

Building Code
If the construction of your home or roof meets certain Florida Building Code standards, you may be eligible for a discount.

Roof Deck Attachment
How securely your roof deck is attached to the roof trusses/rafters may qualify you for a discount.

Roof-to-Wall Attachment
Your home may qualify for a discount based on how securely your roof is attached to the walls of your home. This can vary from simple nails to more complex metal straps that wrap over the trusses.

Secondary Water Resistance
If your home has an additional layer of water resistance to prevent wind-driven rain intrusion, you may qualify for this discount.

Opening Protection
Do you have storm shutters and/or impact-rated windows? If so, you may be eligible for this discount. Please note that ALL openings in your home, including all windows, doors and skylights, must be protected in order to receive this credit. 

How do I get these discounts?

You can find out how well your home is protected from windstorm damage by obtaining a Windstorm Mitigation Inspection from a licensed inspector.

The inspector will utilize an 1802 Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Form to document the wind-resistant features of your home. Once completed, send a copy of the inspection form to your agent to see how much you can save on your homeowners insurance premium. 

If a policyholder listed on the policy is age 55 or older, this discount is automatically applied to the premium.

You are eligible for this discount if your community meets at least one of the two following security requirements:

  1. Your subdivision or community has a single entry and is protected by a 24-hour security patrol.

  2. All entrances to the community are protected by 24-hour manned or passkey gates.

Note: Seasonal residents are not eligible for this credit.

If you have a central burglar or central fire alarm, you are eligible for a credit.

Documentation that shows proof of installation is required and could include an installation certificate, monitoring contract, or a letter from the installation/monitoring company.

If you have sprinklers located throughout your home in every room, including closets, you are eligible for this discount. Documentation is required and could include a fire inspection report.

Note: Sprinklers in crawl spaces, attics, garages, screened porches, etc. are not required for full credit.

We offer discounts based on the design of your roof, including the shape, slope, and soffit of the roof.

Roof Shape
The shape of your roof significantly impacts its resilience during a windstorm. We offer a discount for Hip roofs, which are roofs that slope upward from all sides of a structure, having no vertical ends.

Roof Slope
Roof slope is the measure of the steepness of your roof. To qualify for this discount, an inspection must be performed at the policyholder's expense and the roof must have a high slope.

Roof Soffit
A soffit is part of the cornice or eave, where the roof meets the walls. If your roof soffit is made of wood, you are eligible for this credit.

Note: Some homes don't have soffits.

You are eligible for this credit if your home has one of these types of siding:

  • Brick

  • Concrete

  • Stone Veneer

  • Hardiplank or Hardipanel (cement fibers)

If your home is newly built, you may qualify for a discount.

You may be eligible for a credit if you have a water leak detection device.


Documentation that shows proof of installation is required.

If you elect to have your documents sent to you via email only, you will receive a discount.