The sun is shining, the water is warm, and the last place you want to be is home. But while you’re out enjoying the variety of activities life in the Sunshine State has to offer, your home can go unobserved (by you, anyway) for hours.

Worrying about the potential for criminal activity at your home is a serious joy kill. Free yourself from fret by investing in the newest home security technology so you can fully revel in life on the go and rest assured that your home is still in one piece while you are away.

Netatamo Home Security Camera

If you’ve ever wished you could be in two places at once, the Netatamo home security camera is your virtual solution. This nifty gadget snaps photos of everyone who passes by its path and can even recognize faces that have been programmed into it. Set up time is quick and the Netatamo’s slim cylindrical design makes it a discreet monitoring tool. The camera sends push notifications to your phone, in real time, so you can see anyone who is entering your home. It also comes with door sensors so you know exactly which doors have been opened and when.

Notion Sensors

Notion home sensors are versatile devices capable of monitoring doors, windows and garages. They can even inform you of your home’s temperature, your fire alarm’s status, or alert you about a water leak. The Notion app allows you to check on your home in a flash and can be programmed with your security notification preferences. 

Kwikset Kevo

Kwikset’s Kevo makes opening a locked door as easy as a touch of a finger and simultaneously takes your home’s security to the next level. Using Kevo, you can electronically open your door using your smartphone or a key fob. The system has sensors on both sides of the door, allowing it to determine whether you are inside or outside of your house and keeping unknown visitors out until you let them in. Household members can receive push notifications to find out when the door has been locked or unlocked and even maintain the history of their smart lock’s activity.

Security Advice for Renters

Just because you don’t own the home where you live, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take security seriously. A recent study by the U.S. Department of Justice revealed that the burglary rate for rental properties is higher than the rate for owner-occupied homes.

Although you might not be willing to invest in permanent solutions like those described above, a security system is still a worthwhile investment. Consider investing in a service that is known for its reliability and strong reputation and offers 24-hour monitoring protection. Many security companies offer innovative features like heat sensors, broadband video monitoring, and smartphone operating capabilities. As an added bonus, you’ll likely receive a discount on your renter’s insurance policy if you have a security system.

Also: get an instant Florida homeowners insurance quote for protection in case you’re the victim of a break-in.