Flood Coverage

We Offer Comprehensive, Affordable Flood Coverage

Broken city water lines, overflowing rivers and lakes, storm surge, excessive rainfall—damage caused by floods is a risk every Florida homeowner faces. We offer comprehensive, affordable flood insurance coverage.

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Better coverage at a lower price

Our optional Flood Coverage provides greater protection for your home at a price that’s tailored to your home’s exposure to flood damage. 

With us, you don’t need a separate policy for flood damage. And if you need to file a claim, it will be managed by our claims professionals so you won’t need to bounce around between insurance companies.

All of Florida is a Flood Zone

Whether you live in a "high-risk" flood zone or not, all homes are susceptible to flood damage. Flooding waters can come from broken city water lines or excessive rainfall and can happen anywhere, anytime in Florida. 

Know your risk.   

  • Flood damage is not typically covered by a homeowner’s insurance policy.

  • Floods are the #1 natural disaster in the United States.

  • More than 20% of all flood insurance claims are filed in low- to moderate-risk areas.

  • Just five inches of water can cause at least $11,000 worth of damage.


How Do We Compare? 

Security First Insurance’s flood insurance solution is different than the separate flood insurance policy provided by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

How to Add This Coverage to Your Policy 
Frequently Asked Questions 

Contact your agent to add our Flood Coverage. Your agent can add this coverage to your existing policy with just a few clicks. We'll work with your agent to make sure your coverage is added and your policy is updated. 

In the insurance world, flooding is generally described as “rising” water that enters the home at the surface (ground) level due to an external cause and is not included in a standard homeowner’s insurance policy. Our Flood Coverage can be added onto your home insurance policy, whereas an NFIP policy–or other policies based on NFIP coverage–require the purchase of a separate policy from a completely separate company. 

It’s not uncommon for flooding to occur at the same time as another peril that causes damage to your home. If you have Flood Coverage with us, your claim will be handled in one place with one deductible. If you have a separate policy, such as an NFIP policy, you’ll have to work with different adjusters on separate claims (one for flood damage and another for everything else). Managing a flood loss with a company different than your home insurance company can get complicated and delay the process.

Yes. We offer Flood Coverage as an option that can be added to our Homeowner, Dwelling Fire Owner, and Dwelling Fire Landlord policies. 

Yes. Our endorsement is certified by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation and meets the requirements specified in the United States Code (USC) 4012a(b) and Florida Statute 627.715(11)(a). 

No. We do not require an elevation certificate to obtain this coverage. 

Flood Coverage can be added at any time to your current policy term. For an upcoming term, it can be added up to 50 days prior to the renewal’s effective date. If flood coverage is added during a current term or after a policy’s renewal effective date, a standard 30-day waiting period applies before the coverage goes into effect. 

No. This coverage must remain on the policy for the duration of the policy term. Although we highly recommend Flood Coverage, it can be removed from the policy as of the renewal term effective date up to 50 days prior to the renewal’s effective date. 

Eligible properties are those covered under our Homeowners (HO3), Dwelling Fire Owner (DF3-DO) and Dwelling Fire Landlord (DF3-DL) programs with Wind Coverage, Full or Limited Water Damage Coverage, Ordinance or Law Coverage of 25% or more (of Coverage A), and no prior flood losses at the insured property's location (unless proof of re-engineering can be provided). Contact your agent for more detail on the types of properties that are eligible for our Flood Coverage. 

Simple, Easy, and Certified

Our Flood Coverage is certified by the Office of Insurance Regulation and meets the requirements specified in the United States Code (USC) 4012a(b) and Florida Statute 627.715(11)(a).