Equipment Breakdown

Frequently Asked Questions 

You can add equipment breakdown coverage to your insurance policy for $50 a year. 

Our endorsement provides coverage up to $100,000 for sudden electrical, mechanical, or pressure system breakdown to your home’s equipment. This includes breakdown caused by power surges, which is the cause of loss for more than 50% of insurance claims related to equipment breakdown, and costs an average of $2,300. 

The typical equipment includes, but is not limited to: Washers and Dryers, Computer Equipment, Dishwashers, Freezers and Refrigerators, Garbage Disposals, Heat Pumps, Central A/C Systems, Home Security Systems, Microwaves, Ovens, Sump Pumps, Surround Sound Systems, Swimming Pool Equipment, TVs, Water Heaters, and Well Water Pumps. 

Standard home insurance policies do not cover appliances or equipment breakdown, which is why we’ve invested in adding this optional coverage to our program so all of our customers have the option to add it to their policy. 

Equipment Breakdown does not cover wear and tear. Wear and tear is the natural deterioration of a machine’s ability to perform its intended function which occurs as a machine reaches the end of its “life expectancy.” This is determined by the quality of installation, the level of maintenance, moisture/humidity, vibration, heat and cold, or intensity of use. 

No. Extended warranties are often expensive and only cover one appliance per warranty. The Equipment Breakdown endorsement provides breakdown coverage for all of your household’s electrical equipment. 

Contact your insurance agent. Your agent can easily add this valuable coverage to your current policy. 

To file a claim call Customer Service at (877) 333-9992 or file a claim online in your My Security First Customer Portal

You are responsible for paying $500 per claim. We’ll take care of the rest. 

Get the Facts

  • Americans spend more than $15 billion a year on new appliances.
  • In a house full of new appliances, you will have at least one repair issue within the first year.
  • 18-24% of new appliances fail within the first year. 
  • Over 60% of homeowners feel that an expense of more than $2,000 would be devastating to their household finances. 
  • Over 50% of appliance insurance claims filed result from power surges. 
  • The average power surge claim is $2,300. 
  • 76.6% of refrigeration and air conditioning system failures are due to electrical issues. 

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Home Maintenance Tips 

  • Every three to four months, you should test your sump pump to prevent flooding.  

  • Make sure to remove debris from the outside pipes once or twice a year. If you live in a heavily treed area, you should do this on a regular basis. 

  • On a seasonal basis, check for mice nests near wiring such as A/C Units, and Garden Machinery. 

  • Clean your dryer vents at least once a year to help avoid a house fire. 

  • Every three months, you should clean the coils on your fridge. When these are exposed to a lot of dust, they can raise energy bills and wear out the compressor. 

  • Clean your gutters out at least twice a year to help prevent clogged gutters and avoid strain being placed on your roof. 

  • Change your HVAC air filters one or two times a year. 

  • Inspect the washers on your hose and outdoor faucet once a year and replace if need be to prevent leakage.