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Dwelling Fire Basic is one of many insurance options available to insure your home, including HomeownersDwelling Fire Owners, and Dwelling Fire Landlord programs.

Dwelling Fire Basic Insurance Coverage

A Dwelling Fire Basic policy provides coverage for damage to the structure—your home—in the event of a covered loss. Coverage A provides coverage for the structure of your home and is settled on an actual cash value (ACV) basis. ACV is calculated using the cost to repair or replace the property covered by the policy minus the depreciated value. The depreciated value is calculated using several factors including the age of the property and condition. Actual cash value is usually less than the cost to repurchase something brand new. If you would like to cover your property for the full cost to replace it, Security First offers the option for you to purchase Replacement Cost Loss Coverage (RCE) that can be added to the policy for an additional premium.

Dwelling (Coverage A) Limits: $50,000 - $1,000,000

Our Dwelling Fire Basic policy offers coverage for “other structures” located on the residence premises. For example: a detached garage or a shed may be considered an “other structure.”

Other Structures (Coverage B) Limits: 0% to 20% of Coverage A

If chosen, your personal belongings are covered on an actual cash value basis if the dwelling suffers a covered loss. Some examples of the contents you may elect to cover are furniture and appliances.

Personal Property (Coverage C) Limits: 0% to 70% of Coverage A

Loss of Use is an optional coverage that covers you if your home becomes uninhabitable due to a covered loss. If a named insured is occupying the home at the time of loss, Coverage D pays for the additional living expenses you incur while the home is uninhabitable. This includes costs for a place to stay, food, and clothing.

If a tenant is occupying the home at the time of loss, Coverage D pays for the loss of rental income you incur while the home is uninhabitable.

Coverage Limits: 0% to 10% of Coverage A

This coverage provides protection if someone were to file a lawsuit against you, claiming you caused them bodily injury or damaged their property. Liability can protect you in situations that may be unforeseen, such as a friend twisting their ankle on a loose step. Liability coverage also covers certain defense costs—even if the lawsuit filed against you is false, groundless, or fraudulent.

Personal Liability (Coverage L) Limits: $0, $100,000, $200,000 or $300,000

Note: When the property on the policy isn't your primary residence, or the title of the property is in the name of a Partnership, Corporation, LLC, Trust, or Estate, the Liability Coverage is restricted to incidents that occur at the insured property. This is known as Premises Liability.

This coverage is paired with Personal Liability coverage to provide medical expense coverage to others (not living at your residence) who are injured on your property, or who incur injuries resulting from your personal activities.

Medical Payments (Coverage M) Limits: $0, $1,000, $2,500, or $5,000

Optional Coverages

We have several optional coverages that may be added to your Dwelling Fire Basic insurance policy.

  • Limited Screened Enclosure and Carport Coverage
  • Limited Water Damage Coverage*
  • Replacement Cost Loss Settlement (Coverage A & B)
  • Vandalism and Malicious Mischief
  • Sinkhole Loss Coverage

*To qualify for Limited Water Damage Coverage, the home must be 10 years old or newer, must not have polybutylene or galvanized steel plumbing, and have no water losses in the past 3 years.


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