Condominium Insurance

Florida Condo Insurance Coverage

There are six types of coverage available on our Florida condo unit-owner's policy.  Most coverages have a minimum and maximum coverage amount (commonly referred to as "coverage limit") that allow you to customize your policy to best suit your needs. Remember: Your condo association's insurance does not protect your upgrades nor contents. It is your responsibility to repair your new wood floors, paint, wallpaper, and other interior features. 

This is coverage for additions and alterations to your unit, or property which is specifically your responsibility according to your Association. This includes items of personal property permanently affixed to the unit that's not covered by the association's policy. 

Coverage A Limits: minimum of $30,000 up to a maximum of $300,000*

This is coverage for your personal belongings located on or off your residence premises. Coverage C also provides coverage for your guest's personal property when items are located on the residence premises. 

Coverage C Limits: minimum $20,000 up to a maximum of $200,000* Replacement cost on contents is included in a Security First Insurance policy. 

Optional replacement cost coverage for your personal property allows you to replace or repair items that were damaged or destroyed based on current market prices. Without this coverage, your items will be valued at actual cash value (ACV), which is generally less than the cost of a brand new item. ACV is more like the price you'd see at a garage sale. We recommend purchasing replacement cost coverage for your belongings.

Often known as "Loss of Use" coverage. If your condo becomes uninhabitable due to a covered loss, our policy provides coverage for the additional costs you or your family incur while you are living away from your condominium unit. This includes costs for a place to stay, food, and clothing. 

Coverage Limits: 40% of Coverage C 

Tip: Make sure you keep all your receipts so that you can be sure to receive the correct reimbursement. 

Rather than providing you with a check that requires you to deposit at the bank and wait to receive reimbursement funds for additional living expenses, we provide our customers with a pre-paid debit card that they can begin using right away once activated. This eliminates the hassle of depositing a check and allows our customers to withdraw cash immediately. This is one of the many solutions we've put in place to improve the customer experience with Security First Insurance. 

This coverage provides protection if someone were to file a lawsuit against you, claiming you caused them bodily injury or damaged their property. Liability can protect you in situations that may be unforeseen, such as a friend twisting their ankle on a loose step. Liability coverage also covers certain defense costs—even if the lawsuit filed against you is false, groundless or fraudulent. 

Coverage E Limits: $100,000 to $500,000 

Your policy provides for medical payments to others (not living at your residence) if they are injured on or by your property, or as a result of you or a family member residing with you. 

Coverage F Limits: $1,000 to $5,000 

Coverage is available up to the limit stated in the policy for assessments made by the condominium association to you for damages to the condo premises caused by hazards that are insured by your policy. 

We offer several discounts based on features of the condo and the age of the policyholder. 

  • Secured Community
  • Roof shape
  • Indoor sprinkler system
  • Wind resistant home features,
  • Central burglar alarm
  • Age of construction
  • Central fire alarm
  • Policy holder is 55+ 

Optional coverages 

We offer the following optional coverages that can be added to your condo insurance policy:  

  • Equipment Breakdown  

  • Identity Theft Protection 

  • Dog Liability 

  • Personal Injury 

  • Water Backup and Sump Overflow 

  • Increased Replacement Cost on Dwelling 

  • Scheduled Personal Property 

  • Golf Cart Physical Damage and Liability 

  • Screened Enclosure/Carport Coverage 

  • Increased Special Limits Coverage 

Tip: Check to see if any of these coverages are included or excluded in the Florida condo insurance quotes you receive from your agent to make sure you're conducting an accurate comparison. By reviewing coverage carefully, you'll be able to make a better decision and discover the coverage options that are better suited for you.