Watch Out For Fraud

Insurance fraud is easy to spot when you know the red flags. Learn more below.
Watch Out For Fraud Following A Disaster

Insurance fraud is a big problem in Florida. The time when it is most prevalent is following a disaster. Fraudulent contractors can extend your claim, provide low-quality repairs, and increase costs. Keep these tips in mind. 

Watch for Red Flags

Pay attention to signs if the contractor commits all or one of these red-flag items. 

  • The contractor never makes eye contact or takes notes. 
  • Promises guarantees as a sales pitch. 
  • They want to work off-book to get paid cash and save you money.
  • They offer discounts for getting your friends, family, or neighbors to hire their services.
  • They offer discounts for using materials left over from another job. The material could be stolen or defective.
  • If they solicit door-to-door, chances are they could be a fraudulent contractor. It may not be a concern, but be wary if they are not local.
  • Asks you to sign an Assignment of Benefits agreement. By signing this agreement, you could pay more than what is in your policy. If your repairs are claim related, check with your insurance company first.
  • The contractor pressures you into a quick hiring decision