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FCRN Benefits

  • Maximizes convenience.
  • Shorter claim lifecycle—return your home to normal faster.
  • Eliminates the possibility of becoming an unwitting victim or participant in fraud.
  • Access to vetted, trustworthy, and reliable contractors who use quality materials, have a strong work ethic, and a workmanship guarantee.
  • Our Customer Advocates will guide you through the entire repair process, providing personalized support.
  • Roofs replaced by an FCRN contractor come with a 10-year workmanship warranty.
  • Payments made directly to the contractor—no delays waiting for signatures from your mortgage company.
  • When a storm strikes, we provide temporary repairs to prevent further damage to your home until a roofing contractor can make permanent repairs.
  • Our contractors have undergone thorough background checks through ProfileGorilla, the insurance industry’s largest pre-vetted pro network.

My first experience with making a Security First claim on my roof went smoother than I had anticipated. My Customer Advocate kept me informed from start to finish, and followed through to ensure all my questions were answered and I was satisfied. The roofing company was professional and very efficient. Clean-up was complete, and not a nail to be found.

Karen B.

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Email us for more information about using FCRN contractors for claims-related repairs as well as upgrades and renovations.

Claims-Related Repairs: FirstChoice@SecurityFirstFlorida.com
Upgrades and Renovations: Repair@SecurityFirstFlorida.com


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