Experiencing a Loss

Helpful Tips
Steps to Take After Damage Occurs

  • File your claim immediately by calling our toll-free number (877) 581-4862 or using our customer portal, My Security First, to file your claim online.
  • Protect yourself and your family. If you must move out of your home, keep all receipts for any temporary lodging and any other expenses you incur.
  • Protect your property against further damage. Make temporary repairs and keep receipts for any repairs that you do make. Please do not make permanent repairs until the adjuster has had a chance to inspect the damage. If Water Damage of any kind has occurred, take immediate steps to stop the flow of water and dry out your home.
  • If you have experienced a theft, notify the police. Be sure to report stolen items to the police.
  • If you have lost a credit card, report it to the credit card company immediately.
  • A home inventory list will ease the claim settlement process. If you do not have a summary of personal belongings prepared at the time of a loss, you can use a contents estimator or manually prepare a list of stolen or damaged property. Whenever possible, include the manufacturer, model name or number, and the place and date of purchase. If you have receipts, manuals, or photographs of the lost or damaged items, make them available to your adjuster.
  • Take photographs of the damage
  • Our Claims Examiners are knowledgeable and can help answer any questions you may have. Your Claims Examiner will be your primary contact throughout the claims process. If you have any questions, please reach out to them or your Customer Advocate. 


File a Claim

Security First offers convenient options to make filing a claim simple for Florida homeowners and renters insurance. Call us, visit online, or use our free mobile app to report a claim.