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Step 1
Submit Your Claim

After submitting your claim, a Claims Examiner is assigned to oversee your claim through every step of the process, including working with different third-party specialists to ensure you’re provided with exceptional service. Your Claims Examiner is your point of contact throughout the claim process and our goal is to keep you informed of the progress we make from start to finish.


Don’t be alarmed if your claim is reassigned as this happens sometimes to move the claim through the process faster and to balance the number of claims managed by our Claims Examiners.

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Step 2
Water Damage Mitigation

If your home is damaged by water, we partner with water damage specialists who can help to dry out your home using large fans and dehumidifiers. This process is important to ensure there is no further damage, such as mold. If you don’t choose a specialist from our network, please contact us first before you agree to any water mitigation services to confirm it's covered by your policy.


If a contractor leaves machinery inside your home, they are responsible for returning every 24-hours to check the status of their machines. Call us at (877) 581-4862 if they do not check the status daily.

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Step 3
Assess the Damage

Your damages can be inspected in multiple ways. In many cases, a Field Claim Adjuster will contact you to schedule an appointment to assess the damage. Adjusters are licensed professionals who specialize in inspecting and reporting damage. They will create a damage report and submit it to your Claims Examiner. Sometimes, an inspection can be conducted remotely without an adjuster.


It’s important the appointment is made when you can meet with the Field Claim Adjuster in person. If no one is available when the adjuster arrives, we’ll need to reschedule the appointment.

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Step 4
Settling the Claim

Your Claims Examiner will then review the adjuster’s report along with your policy’s coverage to determine the claim settlement. The Claims Examiner will call you to review the settlement of your claim and answer your questions. The process may be extended if damage is extensive or further damage occurs after the initial assessment.

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