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My Choice Home Protection

This online system is designed to speed up the claims process and help Floridians better prepare for the unexpected and calculate a more accurate amount of contents coverage. 


Personalized Coverage

Pay for only the coverage you need.

We realize every Florida homeowner is not the same. We each have different needs, wants and preferences, yet most insurance companies use the same calculation to determine coverage for everyone.

My Choice Home Protection is designed to get to know you. By completing a household profile which includes information such as property location, number of children, and whether or not you own pets, My Choice Home Protection will calculate an estimate of contents coverage that's specific to your needs.

Watch this 3-minute demo:


Create a Home Inventory

If your home is destroyed by a hurricane or fire, could you recall every item you own—and its value?

Having an inventory of your personal belongings is critical to the claims process, but creating a list from scratch is tedious and frustrating. My Choice Home Protection will automatically create a home inventory list based on your household profile. Just by answering a few questions, the system will generate a list that you can customize and share with family members and your insurance agent to discuss the proper coverage for your home.


An Easier and Faster Claims Process

When a home is damaged or destroyed, often it's difficult for residents to clearly identify all items.

Contents can become unrecognizable, and in some cases, disappear. Not having a home inventory list or the right amount of coverage can be just as traumatic as the damage itself. Creating a home inventory list prior to a claim helps you and adjusters more accurately assess the damage. You'll be able to focus more on getting your life back to normal than trying to recall what you own or how much you've lost.


Get Started

Our customers can begin using My Choice Home Protection right away by logging in to the customer portal, My Security First. 

If you are not a Security First Insurance policyholder, please contact your insurance agent. My Choice Home Protection is also integrated into the system our agents use to process insurance quotes and policies. Find a local insurance agent by using our agent locator.

Tip: update your inventory at least once a year, especially after holidays and large purchases.