Security First Insurance Wins Best of Show Award from Insurance Marketing and Communications Association

Security First Insurance’s mobile app marketing campaign won Best of Show Award in Insurance Marketing from the Insurance Marketing and Communications Association, IMCA. The app was initially developed in 2009, but has incrementally added functions since its first development.  In 2015 Security First added storm tracking and weather technology with advanced location plotting and emergency resources to keep policyholders and non-policyholders informed about weather conditions.  To promote this added functionality, the company developed a multimedia marketing campaign to launch during hurricane season. They included the use of social media, paid search, and online display and had strategically laid out all these elements well in advance so they were at the ready in the event a storm came close to the coastline.

Security First has continued to expand the capabilities the mobile app offers, which has allowed them to engage with customers and provide exceptional customer service as well as expand their customer base.  It is clear that the opportunity exists to engage with more customers in the digital realm. It can be a huge investment, but a lucrative one if you can be forward-thinking about the long-term results.