Security First Announces Replacement Coverage Program for State Farm® Policyholders

To meet the recent demand surge for homeowners insurance throughout the state, Security First Insurance Company announced its Replacement Insurance Coverage Program for State Farm policyholders Monday. The program will provide up to 50,000 homeowner and condo policies to State Farm customers who want to replace their current coverage with a full-coverage (windstorm included) policy. These policies will be available just about everywhere in the state on a first-come, first-served basis. Security First is available through 1,700 agents statewide. The replacement coverage program provides these agents with extra capacity and a streamlined application process to better handle the sudden increase in requests for help from current State Farm customers.

“State Farm customers who act now, will likely see a significant savings with a Security First policy over what they are paying today,” said Security First President Locke Burt. “The Florida domestic carriers have the capacity to handle the State Farm business, and I think our actions make that clear,” Burt said. “We are doing this to assist State Farm customers because protecting Florida homeowners is our business—our only business.”