Enservio Video Salutes Security First Insurance’s “Ac-claimed” Service

Security First Insurance Featured in Web Series that Pays Tribute to Claims Professionals

By the book. Black and white. Cut-and-dried. That’s the perception most people have of the approach insurance claims professionals take when assisting customers who have experienced a loss. Enservio, the leading provider of software and services across the entire value chain of contents claims processing, has teamed up with Security First Insurance and other insurance carriers to help dispel that notion and celebrate the work claims professionals do to help get their customers’ lives back on track.

Policy Limits Place No Limit on Compassion

Enservio recently featured Security First Insurance vice president of claims, Eva Mowry, in “Beyond the Policy,” a video in which she discusses how the company assisted an elderly customer who thought the floors and walls of his home were damaged – and that the damage was caused by paranormal activity.

In “Beyond the Policy,” Mowry explains that the claims adjuster documented the customer’s concerns, including taking photographs, as he would with any other customer. After completing the visit, the adjuster returned to his office and, professionally and tactfully, included the details of his visit to the customer’s home in his loss report, which he sent to Security First Insurance for review.

The claim discussed in this video demonstrates how the level of expertise and the work required of claims adjusters and examiners goes far beyond the standard process outlined in a claims manual. There is almost always a psychological component inherent in each claim as a result of the loss the customer is experiencing. Claims professionals are committed to delivering a high level of service for every claim – even those that do not result in any damage.

Mowry’s video is one of several videos featured on “Making It Right,” a microsite created by Enservio to profile claims professionals who have gone the extra mile to help their policyholders restore their lives and property. Members of the claims community are encouraged to share their unique experiences on the site, and it’s also possible to nominate a claims pro to be featured in the web series. Enservio will launch additional videos to the microsite throughout the summer and fall.