After Matthew – Largest Homeowners Insurance Provider in the Area Creates Helpline Open to All

Ormond Beach, Fla.– Oct. 26, 2016 – Security First Insurance has received more than 10,000 claims as a result of Hurricane Matthew, more than any other homeowner’s insurance company in Florida. Headquartered in Ormond Beach, it’s the largest homeowner’s provider in the areas hardest hit by the storm. To assist the communities impacted by the storm, the company has created an “Aftermatthew Helpline.” It’s available for anyone to use, regardless of the insurance company with whom they have a policy. Since its inception last week, 546 callers have talked to team members to sort out questions and receive guidance. The Aftermatthew Helpline number is 800.277.5884 and is staffed Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

The company’s catastrophe response team and adjusters are continuing to contact its customers and assess damage. As of today, Security First Insurance has had an adjuster visit 91% of the 10,000 homes that reported a claim. These adjusters assess damage and provide written estimates for repairs. Then claims examiners review and process the repair estimates for payment to the homeowners so they may begin restoring their homes.

The company is diligent about its customer experience, even more so in the aftermath of such a devastating storm with widespread damage. Security First team members have placed over 2,500 calls to customers with claims to confirm that an adjuster had contacted them and to answer questions about the claims process.

Locke Burt, Founder and Chairman of Security First Insurance stated, "We understand that homeowners are looking to return their lives back to normal in the aftermath of the storm, and we’re here to help. The first step is to submit a claim. It’s important to understand that Matthew is considered an Act of God. That means rates will not increase when a claim is filed, and a homeowner can't be dropped for having claims. Keep in mind -- a deductible is the amount the homeowner must pay before an insurance company pays them. Filing a claim lets the company know how much was paid. That way, when the next hurricane hits the customer does not have to pay again. Hurricane-related claims accrue on a one-year calendar. So, with each new year it starts back at zero.” 

Burt continued, “When a claim is submitted our team sends an inspector to assess damage. These are vetted professionals. We strongly encourage any homeowner with property damage to refrain from signing any documentation they do not fully understand.”

Unfortunately, insurance fraud increases significantly after a major disaster. It is important that homeowners refrain from signing over rights to their claims, especially to contractors who arrive at their door unannounced and make promises to take over the claim process. That’s a red flag. The misuse of an Assignment of Benefits agreement by contractors is a very real threat.

Security First Insurance has a team of professionals on call to help homeowners restore their home by hiring qualified, vetted professionals. To learn more about Assignment of Benefits visit this page.

To download a free guide containing important information on how to research and hire a contractor visit

In addition to the Aftermatthew helpline, Security First Insurance offers several ways for policyholders to easily submit claims:

Policyholders with a flood policy through Security First Insurance’s partnership with Wright Flood can report a claim at 800-725-9472.

About Security First Insurance

Security First Insurance is built on nearly 100 years of history and experience in the insurance industry. The company has an acute understanding of Floridians’ vulnerability to natural catastrophe. Locke Burt, was serving in the Florida Senate in 1992 when Hurricane Andrew made landfall. It was one of the worst natural disasters in U.S. history, leaving behind more than $26 billion in insured losses and a crippled insurance industry. He wanted better for the state and its residents and created Security First Insurance. The company now serves policyholders living across the state, storm after storm, year after year.  

Security First Insurance has been assigned a Financial Stability Rating® (FSR) of A, Exceptional, from Demotech, Inc. and is strongly committed to improving Florida’s homeowners insurance market and initiatives that support and protect residents and communities of the Sunshine State.

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