Brr.  By Florida’s standards, it’s getting cold! You might even—gasp—use your heater this month. But for those of you who don’t know how to turn it on (step one: wipe dust off the “Heat” button), or you simply wish to monitor your power bill, there are alternative ways to warm up. In the spirit of frugal living, here are ways to stay warm without turning up the heat.

Apply Extra Coat. Your doors and windows need a “coat” in wintertime. Blankets and other coverings can help keep the cold air out. During the day, however, you’ll want to let the sunshine soak in. During cold times, thick curtains block chills quite well, but don’t forget that Florida homes are usually combatting heat, not cold, so those hefty shades should be seasonal. As for you, never underestimate the power of a good coat and socks. This simple solution will keep in your body heat. Bonus points if you add a hat. 

Stick Together. Crowded rooms are always warmer. The same applies in your home. Why read alone when everyone can find a cozy spot on the couch?

Bottle Basics. There is the classic trick of using a hot water bottle and resting it at your feet. Warm it up just before bedtime. If you’re not familiar with this tip, ask a family elder.

Run in Reverse. Running your fans in reverse circulate warmer air. If you only need to warm up a room or two, this is a cost-effective alternative to using a heater.

Do I smell cookies? A little baking will certainly warm up the kitchen. Just make sure you’re AC/Heater is not running counterproductive to the oven. Add chocolate chips and enjoy!

If you’re using candles or space heaters to stay warm, be sure to review our fire safety guide. If you’re hiding from chilly  weather by taking extra-long hot baths, be sure to review tips on inspecting your water heater.