Home, smart home! If you’re the type who camps out in front of the Apple Store days in advance of the latest iGizmo release, you’ll love checking out this list of the latest technology for your home. These gadgets will simplify your daily tasks, make you the talk of the neighborhood and, most importantly, save you money in the long run.

Hue Intelligent Lighting System

Smart homes are getting colorful, and these app-controlled bulbs take lighting to the next level. With the Hue Intelligent Lighting System you can control factors such as the color and brightness of your room, and even make the lights flash or pulse. Hue bulbs can be plugged into your existing lamps or fixtures and are controlled from an app on your mobile device or tablet. The Hue app offers users a variety of preset lighting options or the option to create your own shades. 

Nest Thermostat

The Nest thermostat is unlike anything you’ve ever seen and is a very popular home automation device. On average it saves homeowners 20% a month on their energy bill by becoming your “power partner.” It observes your energy usage and, in only one week, learns your temperature preferences and builds a personalized schedule to help you avoid wasting energy. You can also use the Nest app to control your thermostat while you are home or away.

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is similar to the iPhone’s virtual assistant, “Siri,” but is more advanced. “Alexa,” Echo’s hands-free, cloud-based voice service, comes in the form of a standalone, finely-tuned speaker. With just the sound of your voice, you can use Alexa to control home lights, keep track of your calendar, stream music and audio books, and even tell jokes. You can even use an app to access the information stored within Alexa’s cloud while you are away from home. 

Belkin WeMo Insight Switch

Ever been at work and had a minor panic attack trying to remember whether or not you left your iron on? Those days are over, thanks to the WeMo Insight Switch, a small attachment that acts as an intermediary between a power outlet inside your house and the appliance or device that’s plugged into it. The Insight Switch acts as a remote that can turn your electronics on or off. The WeMo app can be downloaded on as many smartphones and tablets as you want and is operable while away from home. You can use it to easily create schedules, set rules, or even monitor your energy usage to help you reduce your utility bill. 

SmartThings Hub

If you’re really serious about home automation, the SmartThings Hub is definitely for you. It supports a wide variety of devices and helps you remotely monitor and control lights, locks, electronics, appliances and more. The Hub allows you to integrate all of your compatible devices and control them with a single app. You can set up alerts or program actions to help you remain aware of activities in your home while you are asleep or gone. Additionally, there is no monthly fee and the Hub is very easy to set up.

Make your home a tech savvy home by adding these modern technologies. You’ll be saving money in the long run and be enjoying the lasted inventions. Family and friends will think they step into the future when they come visit you.

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