Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on everything you are thankful for – but if the kiddos are running underfoot while you’re trying to finish preparing the meal, especially if you’re hosting your first Thanksgiving dinner – you might forget the reason for the season! To help maintain your sanity, consider giving these fun Thanksgiving activities and projects to your young guests to keep them busy, put them in the Thanksgiving spirit and free up space in your kitchen.

Thanksgiving Paper Chain

An image collage of construction paper chains for Thanksgiving.

Making a paper chain of things your family is thankful for makes a great decoration to hang over doorways or in windows. If you have very young children participating you should pre-cut the paper in strips.

Materials: Four or five sheets of fall colored (orange, red, brown, and yellow) construction paper, scissors, crayons, and tape.

Step 1: Cut colorful construction paper into 2” by 6” strips

Step 2: Use the crayons to write things you are thankful for on each strip

Step 3: Bend one strip into circle, tape ends together

Step 4: Loop one side of the next strip through the first circle and tape that strip’s ends together

Step 5: Repeat step 4 until all strips are used

Turkey Yarn Ball