New Year’s is a time for celebration. For many, it brings hope for a spectacular new year of possibility for themselves and their families. According to AAA, one-in-three Americans will travel during this year's holiday season, the most on record. This can add hazardous road conditions to an already hectic time of year.  The mixture of crowded roads, alcoholic consumption, fireworks, and late night celebrations makes New Year’s Eve one of the most dangerous holidays of the year. So as you celebrate and reflect on the past year, keep these safety tips in mind for a safe and fun New Year’s Holiday.

Going Out? Plan Ahead.

Nearly half of all traffic fatalities on New Year’s Eve involve alcohol. That’s the most of any U.S. holiday, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).  The best way to make sure you stay safe on New Year’s when driving is to plan ahead.

  • Designate a member of your party--who will not be drinking--to drive home.
  • If no members of your party can get behind the wheel, contact a cab company. Before going out, download a taxi service app like Taxi Magic which makes getting a ride home as easy as pressing a button. Check for service in your area.
  • Auto accidents are highest between 8 p.m. and 2 a.m. on New Year’s, so avoid being on the road at those times if at all possible.
  • Take only the bare essentials in your handbag or wallet. Try to leave gift cards, or any other valuables that you might normally carry with you, at home.
  • Everyone loves to share where you are on social media sites, but beware of posting your location. You are publicly alerting others that you are not at home.

Staying In? Stay Safe.

According to recent poll by Hasbro, 75 percent of Americans will be avoiding the traffic and staying in on New Year’s by either hosting a party or celebrating the New Year with their family. If you’re planning on hosting a party or watching the ball drop on New Year’s Eve, keep these tips in mind.

  • Provide your guests with numbers for a local cab company. If a cab is not accessible, provide your guest with a place to stay overnight in your home.
  • Give your guest beverage options. There are many fun and festive non-alcoholic drinks you can offer at your party that will “wow” your guests.
  • Before your party begins, pick out a set time to stop serving alcohol--and stick to it.
  • Protect your valuables and new Christmas presents by storing them in a secure location before your party.
  • Don’t forget your pets! Noisemakers, fireworks, and sudden loud noises will frighten your pets, causing them to run away in a panic. Make sure your pet is wearing some form of ID and leash. You may want to give your animal some extra attention on New Year’s to keep them calm and relaxed during the festivities.
  • Shooting fireworks? Find an open area void of any power lines and homes. Make sure children and pets are at a safe distance when setting off any fireworks.