Who says you can’t have a snowman indoors? With a touch of creativity and a dab of glue, anyone can build a snowman without the risk of frostbite. Yup, even Florida families can enjoy these frosty favorites. Better yet, almost everything you need is already in your house. Some are cute, some get goofy, but the most important thing is to have fun creating a wintertime masterpiece. Here are three fun no-ice snowmen ideas to get you started!

Trash Bag Snowman

Materials: 3 trash bags, 1 scarf, a large hat
Optional: construction paper, scissors, large markers.

Trash Bag Snowmen - Make an indoor snowman with garbage bags

An indoor snowman is a dream come true! When the presents are unwrapped, have the kids collect all the wrapping paper and ribbons to make trash bag snowmen. All you need are a few garbage bags and props. Better yet, have them do this while the adults struggle to get toys and batteries out of their packaging.  And need we say that clean up after this activity is a cinch?

Toilet Paper Roll Snowman

Materials: Cardboard toilet paper rolls, construction paper or white paint, black marker, glue
Optional: buttons, craft pipe cleaners, ribbon, “googly eyes” 

Make snowmen out of toilet paper rolls

There are a lot of cute ways to create a snowman with toilet paper rolls. Some brands have rolls that are already white, but there are many ways to cover up the brown cardboard. The photo has a few ideas for inspiration. You will want to supervise little ones for any activities involving scissors, paint, and glue especially. Cotton balls could also come in handy to add a snow effect. Give it a try--you can get really, really creative with this!

Paper Plate Snowmen

Materials: white paper plates, markers
Optional: construction paper, cotton balls, fabric scraps (to make scarves), glue, ribbon, buttons

Bonus Tip: for full bodied snowmen, use different size paper plates.

Make a snowman out of paper plates

This winter craft activity can be as simple or as wild as you like! All you need are white paper plates and markers. For extra fun, use construction paper & other craft items: cotton balls, buttons, ribbons, and anything you can find to add a bit of snowman (or snowwoman) personality.

These ideas are just the beginning. Everyone loves snowmen. If you live in Florida, you might not see too many. But with marshmallows, Play-Doh, or an infinite number of other materials, you can make your snowman feel right at home! And if you’re looking for a little extra snow day fun, see our post on places to see snow in Florida.