Germs are everywhere -- hiding in a handshake, clinging to your sleeves, creeping through the air vents. Flu season is upon us, but before you run inside and lock the doors, here are some better ways to squash the bugs.

Wipe, Wash, Repeat

Keeping your home clean may seem like a no-brainer, but with the flu on the loose this can be an ambitious task. The simple wiping of counter tops and washing of linens just won’t cut it, although these chores should still be regularly done. Germs are lurking on everyday objects like light switches, keys, and door knobs, so be sure you give those places a weekly wipe down. Any object you touch on a daily basis can be a playground for bacteria.

Pause the Parties

Everyone likes a celebration, but when you welcome friends and family into your home, you’re also welcoming their sniffles and sneezes. During the cold and flu season, it may be a good idea to take a break from the all of the close-knit gatherings. If you want to hang out, consider an outdoor activity or go someplace that will keep the germs away from your home. If you do meet up, limit the physical contact. I know you want to share the love with your buddies but giving hugs during flu season might have you sharing a virus instead. 

Go Ahead, Throw in the Towel

Sharing towels with other family members, even hand towels, is sharing germs. Stick to paper towels for flu season. Additionally, a disinfectant wipe is a better alternative for cleaning counters and anything else you might touch.

Don’t let the flu sneak up on you. Be sure to keep your home healthy and your family happy by keeping those pesky germs out.