Lights, candles, ornaments! It’s holiday decorating time, and everyone wants to get in on the fun. When preparing for the holidays it’s important to keep all your family members safe – including pets. Decorating with dogs & cats around can be dangerous and full of temptation for your animals, but if you consider these suggestions, you can deck your halls with boughs and holly while keeping Fido and Fluffy healthy and happy.

Too Tree or Not to Tree

Pets are still animals, no matter how many cute holiday sweaters you dress them up in. Their “wild” instincts still exist, and Christmas trees seem to possess a particular allure for them. When choosing the perfect tree, you should first consider the perfect location in your home for the tree. An ideal place would be a room that is off-limits to your pets or an area that can be easily gated off. Trees, such as Firs, are mildly toxic to dogs and cats, causing excessive salivation, upset stomach, and even vomiting if ingested. The sharp pine needles can puncture a pet’s stomach lining or cause intestinal blockages and might need to be surgically removed.  Thinking an artificial tree may be safer? No such luck. The needles on those trees can cause the same problems if ingested.

TIP: Sweep up fallen pine needles daily. (Tweet This)

From Ornaments to Hors d’Oeuvres

Beautiful family heirlooms, brightly-colored balls, and cute figurines...these are a few of your pet’s favorite things. The lure of colors and shapes can end in disaster, so be sure to hang ornaments above your pet’s line of sight to lessen the temptation for them to play with or attack Christmas bulbs. Many times, fallen ornaments can leave hooks or shards of glass behind that can be deadly to your four-legged friend. Keeping decorations out of their reach is the safest way to ensure the safety of your ornaments and your pets.

TIP: Avoid the tinsel. It is shimmery, shiny, and enticing to pets. If they ingest some, the result could be a painful intestinal blockage. (Tweet This)

Bright Lights and Sleepless Nights

When arranging your holiday lights, remember that electrical cords are tempting tug-of-war toys for the doggies, and once damaged, could possibly electrocute your pets or cause a fire in your home. Keep lights and cords out of reach and away from cats, dogs, and other pets. Even having a fish-bowl too close to your lights can heat the water to an unbearable temperature and kill your fish. Keep pets far away from all candles or open-flame decorations. The flickering flame might look like a plaything and cause your little buddy to end up with burnt paws. 

TIP: Unplug lights when you are not in the room, this saves energy and prevents hazards. (Tweet This)

Christmas Dog

Decorating is part of the joy of the holiday season, so take extra precautions to keep your family, including your cuddly companions, safe and healthy while you add a festive spirit to your home. Share your tips or tricks for keeping your pet(s) safe in the holiday season. 

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