The addition of outdoor lighting can make a dramatic difference to your home. This is a quick and easy way to add personality and pizzazz to your outdoor space for holidays, parties, and special events as well as to create a comfortable place to relax under the stars on any given evening. Here are a few illuminating ideas that can even serve a dual purpose of providing security to your humble abode.

Choose your location. Lights can be useful and beautiful near your driveway and garage, above your front door, in your yard, in the trees, or on the back porch. You can light your house from above or below, or both, depending on what your end goal is with your lighting projects. Wherever you’d like to put them, outdoor lights can help you enjoy the beautiful Florida weather year round, even after the sun has set.

Choose your style. Get creative with your lighting. Set up grand lampposts at the end of your driveway, attach dramatic sconces to the outside of your garage, or hang a lantern over your front door. Go subtle with recessed lighting above your garage or small, solar powered lamps along the driveway. String bulbs across the back porch, or surround your yard with fairy lights to create a splash of light to your backyard. Many options allow you to add some flair with color changing light fixtures in the pool or in the backyard.

Improve the security of your home. Setting up motion activated lights can scare off animals looking to rifle through your trash, or criminals looking for a potential target in the form of an apparently vacant home. These are great deterrents for either situation. Read more security tips.

Go Green. The variety of outdoor lighting products on the market is infinite. You can choose long lasting LED lights set on a timer, or the oft preferred solar powered bulbs. Many fixtures have covers to protect them from too much exposure to the elements and are made with eco-friendly materials. These will keep your outdoor space illuminated for many nights to come.

Check to see if your neighborhood has rules against lighting prior to purchasing your fixtures.  It is also very important to make certain the lights you purchase are for outdoor use only. Here’s to many nights of rest and relaxation in your beautifully lit outdoor paradise.