Sometimes, the scariest part of Halloween is coming up with a costume idea, and it can be downright frightening as the date creeps closer to the creepiest holiday on the calendar. The “easy” solution would be to run to the nearest Halloween store and buy a pre-made costume, but that might be a little pricey and you might end up wearing the same costume as your friends, neighbors or co-workers. Why not save some money and add a personal touch to your Halloween costume by raiding your closet or visiting your local thrift store for the items you need to make a simple costume?

Halloween Costume Ideas

Harry Potter / Hogwarts Student Costume (Share on Twitter)
Let’s start with something easy that anyone can wear. You don’t need to go all out and buy the expensive robe or bundle package, which can cost up to $50 at a Halloween store. Save that money for more candy (trust me, the kids will love you for it!). You probably already have what you need in your closet:

  • White collar button-up shirt
  • Black pants or skirt
  • Black shoes
  • Black knitted sweater vest (optional)
  • A tie (match the color to the house of your choice)
  • Lightning bolt symbol on forehead (only for Harry Potter costume)

You might need to purchase the tie if you don’t have one that resembles the Hogwarts House colors. You might need a wand as well; every witch and wizard needs one.

Mime Costume (Share on Twitter)
This classic last minute costume is easy-to-make for any age or gender. Ok, you might not have all of the accessories in your wardrobe, but they’re fairly inexpensive to purchase (fortunately, the invisible box is totally free!). The accessories are optional, but they’ll certainly make your costume more convincing:

  • A black and white striped long/short sleeve shirt
  • Black pants
  • Black shoes
  • Black hat or beret (optional)
  • White gloves (optional)
  • Suspenders (optional)

Heavy face makeup is critical to the success of this costume –  you’ll need white face paint, with extra dark eyebrows and heavy eyeliner. Take it to the next level: try not to talk. Make mime movements and gestures instead. That should be lots of fun!

Where's Waldo Costume (Share on Twitter)
Use the suggestions below and everyone will know where Waldo is when you walk into the room! Your journey to transform into this beloved character won’t take you much farther than your closet or consignment shop:

  • Red and white long-sleeve shirt
  • Blue pants
  • Brown shoes
  • Waldo’s red and white hat (you can find instructions on how to make one online)
  • Black rimmed glasses

Once you’re in your costume, it’ll be easy to spot Waldo – now you’ll be the hardest person in the world to find!

Bank Robber Costume (Share on Twitter)
Not sold on any of the choices listed above? Pilfer through your closet and transform yourself into an old-fashioned bank robber. Making this costume is so easy it’s almost a crime:

  • Black and white striped shirt
  • Black pants
  • Black shoes
  • Black beanie
  • Paint a mask on your eye or buy an inexpensive one at a nearby Halloween store

An optional accessory that will add detail to the costume at no extra cost would be a laundry or cloth bag with a dollar sign on it. What kind of bank robber has no stolen loot?

Use these costumes to help you overcome your last minute Halloween costume idea predicament. Whether your plans include taking your kids trick-or-treating, winning your company’s annual Halloween costume contest, or rocking the party with your amazing costume, everyone will think you planned your costume far in advance. You’ll thank me later!

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