Mars One, a non-profit organization based in the Netherlands, has announced they plan to establish a permanent colony on the Red Planet and will be transporting the first settlers into orbit by 2024. This monumental, human–history changing announcement has left many residents of the Sunshine State asking one question: how would Florida homeowners insurance needs compare to the needs of those occupying homes on the Martian surface?

Being a Homeowner in Florida vs. Mars

During hurricane season, Floridians prepare by stocking up their emergency kit, securing their hurricane shutters and reviewing their homeowner’s insurance policy. Would homeowners on Mars do the same? Well, kind of. The major difference between the climates on Florida and the Red Planet is rain. It never rains on Mars due to the thin atmosphere and the lack of a magnetosphere. Occasionally, however, clouds do form and snow does fall. If you’re a Floridian who’s considering setting up a residence on the fourth planet from the sun, feel free to cancel that all-important flood insurance policy, but make sure to take your hurricane shutters with you. You might be asking yourself, “no water means no hurricanes, so why on earth (no pun intended) would I need hurricane shutters?” Two words: Dust. Storm.

Every Floridian knows June 1 to November 30 is hurricane season, when we must remain prepared for our state’s most powerful natural disaster. Those settling on Mars would have to deal with their own powerful natural disaster, dust storms. If you find preparing your home for hurricane season is tough, you might want to remain Earthbound. The chart below compares the two perils:


From updating building codes to bracing garage doors and utilizing other wind mitigation techniques, Florida residents have come a long way in finding ways to “hurricane-proof” their homes. Whether our homes are equipped to handle a planet-wide, month long dust storm is another question. So for now, Security First Insurance’s only “galactic” exposure is limited to offering coverage to Floridians who live in the state’s Space Coast, but by 2024, the company’s options could be as limitless as the stars in the sky.

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