Life, interrupted

Home is where the heart is – so the heartbreak runs deep when your home suffers damage or loss. All you want is for someone to help get your home – and life – back to normal. Quickly. And that’s when your home insurance claims adjuster becomes one of the most important people in your life.

“It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.”
Author Unknown

Lightning and fire and theft, oh my!

As residents of the state with the most people and property exposed to hurricane damage, we understand the importance of having a Florida home insurance policy. If Mother Nature, misfortune, or criminal activity comes knocking at your door, it often does more than destroy your personal items – it also robs you of your peace of mind, joyful memories, and that blissful, “you can always come back home” feeling. More than just wanting to replace your “stuff,” you’re often in need of a listening ear and compassionate heart that you can turn to after you’ve lost your sense of security.

Claims adjusters make house calls

More than simply assessing damage, estimating costs to repair/replace impacted items, and issuing settlements, claims professionals fill a vital – and unique – role as they help people during a time of great need. It’s their job to help restore people’s lives after they’ve experienced a loss to what’s often the greatest asset they own. For a customer who has diligently paid insurance premiums, claims adjusters are the “face” of the insurance company for whom they work and help fulfill the company’s promise to the customer – it’s a “moment of truth” that can determine the customer’s impression of the company for years to come.

With so much on the line, claims professionals recognize that a by the book approach simply won’t do. Each claim must be reviewed on its own merits, and each customer comes with their own unique set of circumstances. Although they must remain focused on the task at hand – reviewing the facts of a customer’s loss to determine if the loss occurred due to a peril covered by the customer’s policy – claims professionals must display tact and compassion in order to establish and maintain a rapport with the customer. Although internally rewarding, the work done by claims professionals largely goes unnoticed.

Enservio pays homage to members of the claims profession

Most claims employees understand that standard operating procedures are unable to address many of the scenarios they’ll encounter during their careers. In order to successfully do their jobs, they must genuinely care about their customers, and have a true desire to help get their customers’ homes and lives back on track. Enservio, the leading provider of software and services across the entire value chain of contents claims processing, is doing its part to salute these “everyday heroes.” The company has launched Making It Right, a microsite that honors claims professionals who have above-and-beyond to help their customers – and gives them well-deserved kudos.

Security First Insurance, an Ormond Beach-based Florida home insurance company, is one of several companies featured on the site. The company’s vice president of claims, Eva Mowry, was interviewed about a claim they handled for an elderly customer who thought that ghosts were causing damage to his home. In “Beyond the Policy,” Mowry explains the importance of taking a holistic approach when assisting customers who file a loss report – even if the claim does not result in any damage.

Take a few minutes to check out the site. If you work in claims or know someone who does, you’re welcome to share unique claim experiences below or on the site. The site also includes a form that allows you to nominate a claims pro that you think should be featured on the site.