Last month we posted several varieties of Florida Palm Trees. It’s hard to imagine that there are over a few thousand species. Here are five additional palm trees found in Florida. Drive around, can you spot them all? 

Please help your fellow gardeners by sharing your tips on planting, maintaining, or choosing palm trees.

Queen palm tree

If you’re an impatient gardener, the Queen palm tree will excite you! This fast grower sprouts up 6 feet per year after establishing. At full maturity it can reach heights of 40 feet tall and 10 feet wide. Its an easy tree to maintain, and it thrives in full sun. It makes for a  lovely scene in the summer when the Queen palm tree produces plumes of creamy white flowers.


Sago Palm Tree

If you’re looking for a more hardy palm tree then the Sago palm tree is for you. The Sago palm tree is a very symmetrical plant with fronds that grow in a circular pattern. Its leaves are dark green and glossy with stiff, pointed leaflets. While the Sago can reach 8-10 feet tall, it would take 80-100 years to reach its mature height. This plant thrives in warm climates like Florida, but also grows in slightly colder climates such as Alabama, Delaware, and Maryland. 


lipstick palm tree photo

This tree has style! If you’re looking for something rare and exotic, look no further than the Lipstick palm tree.  This tree is sought after because of its eye-catching red, sometimes orange, colored crown shaft. This tree is best suited for dedicated gardeners and requires high maintenance, lots of water, and special fertilization processes. The Lipstick palm grows in clusters up to 15 feet tall and 1 to 5 feet wide. Its feather-like leaves make it attractive for indoor and outdoor use. 


Bottle Palm Tree

One of the most popular residential trees in Florida is the Bottle palm tree. It derives its nickname from its bottled shaped trunk. Considered a dwarf palm, it can grow 18 feet tall and 15 feet wide, but usually grows to around 10 feet tall and 8 feet wide. Due to its size and slow growth rate this particular palm tree can be planted in a container. It’s a low maintenance palm. However, it is very cold sensitive and can’t handle frost.


Areca palm near Florida homeowner

If you need a tree for your screened in locations, patio or pool, consider the Areca palm tree. It’s a low maintenance tree that can grow up to 20 feet tall, and 10 feet wide. It produces a small yellow orange fruit with white flowers. Areca palm trees require heavy watering and full sun to partial shade. It has multiple stems that sprout up from the base that make it an attractive accent plant. One interesting aspect of this tree is it emits one liter of water per 24 hours, making it an effective humidifier.