I love looking at brilliant home ideas, but often they look too daunting to attempt. But here are five ideas that might actually be do-able. Exciting, isn’t it? If one—or all—of these ideas appeal to you, remember to read our Hiring a Contractor Guide before you begin any renovation project. 

Let’s start off with my personal favorite: the double dishwasher! Just think of all the possibilities. If you’re hosting guests, your salad bowls will be clean in time for dessert. If your household is two people or small family, you’re probably wasting time, energy, and water to run half loads. Or worse, you’re letting those dirty dishes sit until it’s time for a full cycle. These units are designed for smaller quantities, but you’ll always have the option to double down when the dishes get backed up.

double dishwasher models

Another intriguing idea for the kitchen is a pull-out cabinet.  There is simply never enough counter space! The hide-away feature of this cabinet provides extra prep space. And you’re going to need it when you’re cooking wonderful Florida recipes. This idea works well for kitchens that do not have room for a full-time kitchen island. Just don’t forget to clean under and behind the cabinet when you’re through.

pullout hidden cabinet

This next project is more involved, but it’s a brilliant way to have a functional room without losing the luxury of a guest bedroom. Consider adding a storage platform. This picture is worth a thousand words. The bed is hidden under the raised platform, which adds extra storage under each step. This design works well for rooms with nooks in the floor layout.

platform for extra storage

If that’s a little too much storage, or it simply isn’t where you need the room, under staircase storage might be the way to go. Many family homes are plagued by piles of shoes at the entrance. For Florida homeowners, it’s only a matter of time before rain and mud make their way inside. While keeping shoes away from living areas is much more sanitary, it can be an eye sore to have shoes all over the floor. 

store shoes under staircase

Baseboard vacuum. Have your eyes just lit up? Mine did. If your home has a lot of hard surfaces (tile, wood, etc.), this can be a real time-saver. For older or smaller homes, it’s possible to install simple units that fit comfortably in the cabinetry you already have.

baseboard vacuum cleaner

If you could have any of these features added to your home, which would it be?