Beach. Tan. Relax. Repeat. That’s the not-quite-official summer routine in Florida. Offering miles of beautiful beaches and unlimited sunshine, it’s no wonder Florida is called the Sunshine State. But now it’s time for you to find your inner state of sunshine. It could be as simple as early morning yoga or lemon-strawberry infused water, but summer’s a great time to find that something that just makes you feel good. When you feel good on the inside, it radiates out.

Shedding a few pounds would make most of us feel good, but did you know that eating healthy can do more than improve your appearance? According to WebMD, “Basically the science of food's effect on mood is based on this: Dietary changes can bring about changes in our brain structure (chemically and physiologically), which can lead to altered behavior.” So treat your brain to some of the super-foods listed below if you’re in need of a mood pick-me-up.

The sun can cause pain and redness if you’re not protected – but make sure not to block it all out. It turns out the sun can make you feel better on the inside. The sun’s rays on your skin allow your body to absorb vitamin D, which helps improve your mood. This vitamin, which can also be found in eggs, mushrooms, and fish, could have you singing “You Are My Sunshine” before you know it.

Bananas, spinach, fish and soy are rich in vitamin B which helps your brain create more serotonin, the chemical that helps to regulate your mood. Another mood-boosting supplement is Omega3: researchers have noticed a trend between Omega3-fatty acids, which are found in fish and beans, and depression. Studies have shown that people whose bodies lack Omega3s tend to be more depressed. Omega3s affect the neurotransmitters in the brain, helping people overcome depression.

Three important tips to remember:

1) There is something fishy about being healthy. It turns out fish is a super-food. It has lots of nutritional benefits and can really help improve your brain and body. Try adding fish to your meals two or three times a week and see how you feel. Lucky for us, in Florida there are tons of places to get fresh healthy seafood, and if you’re feeling adventurous you could even catch some yourself.

2) Give up the caffeine. Studies have shown a link between caffeine and depression. In fact caffeine is considered a drug which, like any drug, has side effects. If you’re often tired or just not feeling like yourself, removing caffeine from your daily routine can have a considerable impact on your mood and overall health.

3) Add a little exercise. With weather like this, there’s no reason to sit on the couch. Go for a walk in a park or on the beach. Florida has lots of options for outdoor fun. Adding as little as 30 minutes of activity a day can improve your metabolism and release endorphins, and endorphins make you happy.

Hopefully, you’re now on your way to feeling (and looking) your best this summer season. Don’t forget to consult your doctor before making major changes to your diet. Eating healthy doesn’t necessarily mean eating less; just swap some of the more calorie-laden foods for healthier alternatives. You’ll be walking on sunshine in no time.

What makes you happy in the summer?