Raging winds, gusting rain, a frightening black sky and rumbling claps of thunder are all common occurrences during a hurricane. But considering that it’s been a decade since a hurricane made landfall in Florida, when was the last time you dusted off your hurricane plan? And have you taken into account how technology has improved communication during a storm, especially when traditional lines of communication are damaged and unusable?

Well, June 1st marks the beginning of this year’s hurricane season, and only time will tell what Mother Nature has in store for the Sunshine State this year. That’s why it’s important to be prepared for those ‘just in case’ weather moments.

In this day and time, that little device known as a cell phone has a bigger impact on people’s lives than they realize, especially when it comes to social media. Social media has a ton of uses, including as an essential form of communication after a natural disaster like a hurricane. Your cell phone can be a great tool to keep you prepared, safe, and ready to lock-and-load in the event of a tropical storm or hurricane! You just need to know the technology that’s available to help you best monitor and track storms on your mobile phone or tablet.

Here are a few helpful apps that can help you if Florida is taken by storm:

Security First Mobile

(Free, Available in the iTunes & Google Play stores)

Security First Insurance Company, a Florida home insurance company, developed an app that uses personalization to help Floridians better determine the threat of hurricanes to their property. The app has a storm tracker that uses data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to provide users with wind speed and location data across every point of the storm’s path. The app also includes a hurricane preparedness checklist, and shows you evacuation routes based on your location.

Know Your Plan

(Free, Available on only in the iTunes store)

The Insurance Information Institute created a free mobile disaster preparedness app to help people prepare their homes, families and even their pets for catastrophic weather from hurricanes to wildfires and tornadoes. It includes checklists, preparation steps, and online quizzes to make sure you are prepared in the event of a disaster.

Hurricane by Red Cross

(Free, Available in the iTunes & Google Play stores) 

The Hurricane app has features similar to those in the Your Plan app, like checklists and steps to take to create an emergency plan. However, it includes other helpful functionality, including the ability to help you find the nearest shelter based on your location. It also has preloaded content that can be accessed even if mobile connectivity is unavailable. The app is equipped with messaging that allows users to keep their family and friends informed about their safety via social media outlets.

These are just a few apps you can use to stay aware and be prepared this hurricane season. Do you have a favorite mobile app to prep for storm season? Let us know on Facebook & Twitter.

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