Do your children greet your warmed-up second-day meals (i.e. leftovers) with eye rolls and a sigh of boredom? Does your family expect EVERY meal you place on the table to be Pinterest-ready? A slight face lift to your leftovers might be all you need to transform your meal and make sure there are no leftovers left behind. 

Save the Side Dish

Does that old veggie medley not sound like music to your ears? Spice it up! Just adding a little bit of garlic and butter, or spices like Cajun seasoning, can have your taste buds singing. If your side is mashed potatoes or another starch, spices work well here, too, but some people prefer a little gooey goodness. Try adding a little shredded cheese, melt it in, mix it up, and voila – your  potatoes are transformed into a cheesy sensation. If you want a whole new look, add your leftover veggies into a frying pan with rice to create a delicious fried rice treat. As long as you tie the meal together using a similar spice or theme, everything will flow perfectly, making you the side dish superhero. You can bring out a whole new side of your side dish.

Meat Makeover

“Meat” – the main attraction, the star of your table, the center of your meal; don’t be a chicken when it comes to trying new things,you can easily transform it into something new and improved. Dice up your leftover chicken or steak and place it in taco shells with some tomatoes, lettuce and sour cream and you’ve got an instant feeding fiesta. You think that leftover roast left you out to dry? Just add a little broth and it can be transformed into a stew or baked into a casserole. If last night’s turkey or ham is giving you the cold shoulder, serve it that way: chop it up and add it to a fresh garden salad. Use your leftovers to try something new, because you’ll never know if you like it until you try it.

Destination Dessert

The easiest thing to fix up is the leftover dessert – because very rarely is there is any leftover dessert. If you happen to make an enormous amount of dessert and/or everyone is too full to eat after dinner, dessert is usually the one thing you can serve again with no complaints. But if you really want to improve on it, simply add a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

Making the most out of meals helps to save money and reduce waste. With these helpful tips you can have lovely leftovers and impress your family with your delicious leftover dishes. (By the way, if any of your leftovers should've been tossed via the rules of our Fridge Cleaning  guide, don't spoil these delicious tips with expired items.)

Let us know what you come up with or pin a recipe your family loves #securityfirstflorida.