Let the seasonal cleaning begin! The closet is a great place to start with seasonal cleaning and it can even be fun. You get to reminisce about clothes that were a bad fashion mistake or find hidden treasures that you’ve forgotten were there. But cleaning the closet can be a hassle, too. It can be hard to decide if you should keep that memorable denim jacket or put it in the donation box. These tips will help you declutter your closet.

Take Everything Out
First, take every single thing out of your closet. Yes, do not argue and empty the whole thing - even the clothes that you have stored away in containers or other areas. If you’re emptying a bedroom closet, load everything on top of your bed. Placing items on your bed will help you stay motivated to complete the closet purging before your bedtime.

Clean Your Closet
Dust and disinfect your closet. This will help make your closet smell fresh and be dust free.

Take Breaks
Take small breaks to keep yourself motivated. You’ll want to walk away from all of your closet guilt and frustration.Why did I purchase this? Why does this no longer fit? But, don’t take too long of a break or you’ll not come back to complete the project of cleaning your closet.

Make Piles
Once you have everything out of your closet, begin placing the items into piles. Sort items by the following collections:

  • Keep: I love these things and can’t live without them. I wear them every day, and they fit me well.
  • Maybe: For some reason I want to keep these, but they might not be used as often.
  • Donate: Still wearable clothes that might not fit anymore or you don’t like the style anymore.
  • Trash: Items that are in such poor condition that no one would want to wear them.

Thoroughly review each item until there are only the 4 piles remaining – keep, maybe, donate, and trash. Then, take a close look at the "Maybe" collection, ask yourself the following questions to help make up your mind (Tweet This):

  • Does it fit?
  • Do I feel confident wearing this?
  • Have I worn it in the last year?
  • Does this still represent my style or the current trend I like?
  • Will I actually take damaged clothes to get repaired?
  • If I saw this item on a hanger, would I purchase it again?

Bag Up the Donation Pile
Grab your donation pile and bag or box it up. If you’re able to, immediately put it in your car. If you leave it in the room, you might want to reach back in there and get items back out.

Throw the Trash Away
Put your trash pile where it belongs: in the trash. Don’t let anything slip back into your closet.

Sort and Organize
When picking out clothes from your closet, do you think about seasons, occasions, garment type, or color? Arrange your closet in a particular category that will help you find clothes, shoes, and items easier and stay organized. If you really love to organize, you could consider splurging on matching hangers or stylish storage bins.

Now that your closet is clean and organized, you should easily find your clothes, and you might have extra space for new items. So, go shopping! Let us know any of your helpful tips to clean up your closet.